Things I Have Learnt From Refreshers Week



Whaddup. Its ten to 6 in the morning and for absolutely no reason I have been awake since 3 am, so I thought I would tell y’all what I’ve been up to. This past week has really flown by, and although I am (unsurprisingly..) already behind on uni work, there are some (arguably) more important life lessons i feel I have learnt ;


1. Lectures can be useful! ‘New year, new me’ as the saying goes, and having pretty much already been to more lectures than I did the whole of last term, I can say that not all of them are a total waste of time. Some are even (dare I say it) interesting! Who would have thought.


2. Pictures of people in the bathroom, are rarely attractive (although they do tend to get a lot of facebook likes)


Im a pretty classy gal.


3. Some of your best nights are nights you don’t drink.

Picture the scene. Saturday night after a long week of going out. Knackered, 8 freshers decide to order dominos and to play some quiet card games instead of braving the big cheese (student union). Racing demon is suggested and as if by magic, everyone comes to life. Seriously, around 3 hours of racing demon later, it really was one of my best uni nights.



as Ben Howard would say ‘I’ve come to know that the friends around you are all you’ll always have’

4. Despite what people tell you, if you shake a vending machine hard enough, a ton of food will come out. Just be careful you don’t hit your head. 

5. Shiny disco trousers are the shit. Seriously, they are just so cool. Image( photo from

Admittedly they look less cool on me, but the ones in the photo are £70 and mine were £3 from primark) But hey, Grease is the word.Image


6. Miracles are possible.ImageImageImage

By this I mean that my floor is visible.. Jesus lives on!


So that pretty much sums up my refreshers week. It is now 6 23 and I shall have to find some other procrastination to fill my time before my 10 am lecture!


Shoutout to Olivia


Dont know what goes through this girls mind sometimes.


Love Pinky


P.S. I like this whole Pinky and the Brain thing, quite fitting it appears:








Bit of casual stereotyping there but hey ho, on the theme, this reminded me of you:


So to finish…






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