Dear Pinky

I have had my head resolutely buried in books for the last 3 days after a minor miscalculation of how many books would be covered in my mock, surfacing only for tea, food, coffee, showering, Sherlock and the odd trip to the shops. But seeing as it is a mock for our end of term prelim which is itself a mock, I have decided to get a grip. But also add some classics into this post which I am sure fills your heart with joy.

Here are some quotes from some famous people.

Ovid. He talks a lot about a woman who fell in love with a bull and then jealously started sacrificing the female cows to the gods so that they wouldn’t rival her. Needless to say, her husband was less than thrilled by all this. I also like to play a game called Ovid or Rapist, just to pass the time. (Just call me Richard Osman, because this is completely pointless. Or Stephen, if you’re feeling particularly complementary.) Here are some things this charmer has to say about getting women:

Though she might not give, take what isn’t given.

Perhaps she’ll struggle, and then say ‘you’re wicked’:

struggling she still wants, herself, to be conquered.

Though you call it force: it’s force that pleases girls.

Lovely bloke. Shows how much society has come on since then… Image


Cicero. In De Officiis : “some people devote too much industry and too deep study to matters that are obscure and difficult and useless as well.” At least I can appreciate the irony.

And now for something completely different. From very distant past to slightly distant past: 10 years and 2 days ago, the pilot episode of Drake and Josh went on tv! I think I may have discovered the root of all sarcasm.


hmm. that’s pretty funny.


Infamous culinary prowess. Kinda reminds me of someone a bit.Image

Now how about some great comebacks…Image

That face is everything.


and saving the best until last:


But wait – did somebody order some sarcasm in there? Oh I think they did.


Some of Drake


Well that reminds me of something. What is it? Every story you’ve ever told? Well yes, but also this particular gem sticks out:

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 18.03.57

Can’t fight the screenshot.


I feel I have mastered that particular expression of disgust. But the one that sums it all up:Image

So today’s post is pretty niche. But I thought it should be shared. Also I feel like this is some kind of productive (maybe?) procrastination, or at any rate more productive that spinning on my chair or accidentally falling asleep while trying to read a book. As you can guess, this morning was a pretty tricky one. And so, sticking with the theme of children’s tv:

“Same thing we do every day – try to take over the world!”

The Brain


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