Dear Twin 1


I have arrived in Edinburgh and I already feel like buying a kilt and going to a ceilidh (thats Scottish dancing for you uncultured Southerners). By a strange coincidence I was sitting right next to a girl in my house on the train so the journey went fairly quickly, which is pretty good for a 4 and a half hour trip, I even managed to sneak in a nap. I also managed to resist the urge to take 79 (seriously..) photos out of the train window as I did on my way down to London. Ive also now bought some new keys after the notorious lift shaft incident of ’13 which means I am in my room and I’ve already managed to unpack, meaning the last few hours have been more productive than the whole of the last semester. My cupboard is mysteriously full, mainly owing to the copious Llama jumpers that Santa knew that I just had to have. I am currently listening to Janis Joplin’s Greatest Hits Album on youtube and generally revelling in the hippy heaven that i have made my room into. 


As you can see, I have optimistically pinned up the schedule for all the classes at the gym which I am not planning on going to at all. I am also getting annoyed as whenever I get a facebook post, it pops up on my iphone, iPad and laptop. I’m pretty sure that is the definition of first world problems (does that make me a bad person?) I was planning on watching a film tonight but I might just go to bed early as I feel like a child on Christmas eve, so excited am I about the famous JMCC brunch tomorrow morning. (I would send you a picture but I am sticking rigorously to the 11th commandment of ‘Thou Shalt Not Instagram Thy Food’ )

So thats it really, quite an anticlimax for the first day of uni but there you go. I enjoyed immensely your loo roll pics, which were so beautiful they almost brought a tear to my eye. Whens your first exam? 

And finally, here are some cute pics of us looking pensive:



Also this is a real thing :

And on a HIMYM theme, you gotta have a killer sign off phrase.

“From all of us here at Metro News 1, have a good evening. So good night, New York. And may the road ahead be lit with dreams, and tomorrows, which are lit with dreams, also. “Stand tall, New York, Trustworthy. Recycling. Wear a condom.”

Twin 2 AKA Puff the Magic Dragon 



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