Dear Twin 2

Have fun going back up to Scotland tomorrow! I have been here about 4 hours and only done my unpacking. It’s really depressing filling boxes meticulously only to drag them down a motorway and empty them out somewhere else. But anyway. I am feeling pretty smug because I just made bolognese for 75p so riding high on my wave of being-a-miserly-student-ness. I know you don’t like bolognese but appreciate my skill okay, especially as when I decided to do more cooking this term in my infinite wisdom I only brought a saucepan, a wooden spoon and a fishslice, missing out the essential chopping board and sharp knife. Therefore this was created with a butter knife and a plate. Almost makes up for the fact I couldn’t go and see everyone in Cheltenham. And the fact I left my towels at home, all apart from a hand towel. Oh and I forgot to buy milk. But other than these minor details, everything is going swimmingly.


mi casa


My provisions for surviving any form of nuclear/alien/terrorist/locust/weather attack on a small Fenland city. Cheers Medwards.Image

My beautiful bolognese. Tastes better than it looked.

From Twin 1


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