What’s It Like Being A Twin? (A.K.A The Stupidest Question Ever)

Charlotte I don’t fucking know… what’s it like not having a twin? mumble mumble fucking idiot mumble mumble

Emma; Sorry to disappoint, but its just like having a sister the same age as you, who looks a bit like you. Because thats exactly what it is. I cant believe were 18 and still being asked THE SAME STUPID QUESTION. 

But also a friend – when we were about 16 we decided to be friends first, sisters second, and that’s worked out for us really.

When you’ve grown up sharing everything (birthdays, bedrooms, bathrooms, boys..) there are lots of moments of love and hate. We had to have a curtain built across our shared room when we were younger because we argued so much. But having been together through the good, the bad and the (doubly) ugly, you come out having someone who’s always gonna understand you, which I’d say is a pretty good thing.

The boys thing is a bit weird – most people think that if someone likes you, they automatically like your twin as well. In some cases this has proved true, but it does discount this weird little thing called personality.

Whenever anyone asks if we can do any funky twin telepathy, we do have the power to stun people by choosing the same number from 1-100. I always love seeing the look on people’s faces after that one, I guess no one else really understands this mental connection that just seemed to be forged like a wire spun out between our heads joining us together. Either that, or no one understands that we always pick the number 64. Every time. It is not very difficult to pre-agree a number. But if you believed all that other crap then you’re adorable, please go on living in your candyfloss bubble.

As for other stupid questions, there are far too many to list, but these are the worst:

Do you ever wake up and think you’re Charlotte? No

Can I just call you ‘Twin/Emlotte/Charmma’? No

Has your boyfriend ever kissed Charlotte by accident? No. 

If i pinched your twin would you feel it? No

Do you ever get confused between yourselves in pictures? FOR THE LAST TIME NOh wait, actually yes to this one. It can take us a while to realise who’s who in photos from when we were younger, and I still glance at photos and get it wrong.

Glad thats been cleared up.


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